Appointment with Daniel

If you are e-mailing me about a future tattoo appointment please note the following:

 I charge $200 an hour for tattoos. I accept cash only unless we have made previous arrangements.  I do not draw tattoo designs too far in advance. In order to keep the idea fresh in my mind, the tattoo should be started within two months of the finished drawing; this will make the whole experience flow more smoothly. Keep in mind realism, and styles like it tend to take longer, due to the techniques of layering and developement of the design over time. That is what makes my tattoos look different from some other styles. 

For sleeves, back pieces and large tattoos, please read the following:

Sleeves can take anywhere from 20-60 hours. The entire experience can take anywhere from 3-12 months  depending on how often you can come in and how long you sit for each session. Back pieces can take even longer, so please understand the commitment of a tattoo this size and make sure you are committed before we start to work on it.

My private studio is located upstairs. I know it may not be accessible for all clients. For those future clients that may have limited mobility , I can make accommodations to see them at another studio. Thank you for taking the time to read all of this!

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