Appointment with bethany

If you are e-mailing me about a tattoo appointment please note the following:

I tend to book out about a month-2 for weekdays, and am not taking on any weekend sessions through the end of the year. My weekday availability is limited to mornings, starting between 10 & 12 ideally.

I am currently pregnant! Yay! :-) This means I won’t be taking on too many long (5+ hours) sessions, but will still be happy to start big projects, it may just have to be broken up a bit more. This also means that I currently cannot take on any tattoos that I have to stand for, for long periods of time (ie sternums or stomach). I will be tattooing as long as I can, and will post here and social media when my maternity leave starts! Thank you!

I charge $100 an hour for tattoos, and accept CASH ONLY unless we have made previous arrangements. Most tattoo designs will be drawn previous to the appointment, and will be sent to you for approval!

Our private studio is located upstairs. I know it may not be accessible for all clients. For those future clients that may have limited mobility , I can make accommodations to see them at another studio. Thank you for taking the time to read all of this!

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